Need help in understanding two sentences
  • I'm sorry to bother you like this again, but I truly need help... again... ._."
    I've been sitting in front of my PC for the last few days and tried to think of a possible translation for two sentences.

    どこの大大名の越しだい? (I'm pretty unsure when it comes to the の越し part.)
    大名よりもここでお偉い御ちさね (御ち really confuses me.)

    Since there's always the chance that I just read it wrong, I'll upload the original pictures, too.

    The extract is taken from a doujinshi (the same one that has been causing me a lot of trouble already, but I still refuse to give up). At this scene there's a merchant standing in front of the Yoshiwara gate and wants to enter. The guards won't let him because the gate is closed already. He begs them again to let him pass because he wants to buy every fine tana (utensils used during tea ceremonies ^^) in Yoshiwara (this sounds strange, I know, but I'm pretty positive about that).

    Any ideas are welcome. ^_^
  • Well, for the first sentence, I think しだい is equivalent to 次第, meaning 'as soon as' or 'immediately (upon)'.
  • It seems to be some くずれた日本語 (corrupted Japanese).

    I think it is not 次第 but 越し + だい. "だい" is the casual form of "ですか". It is usually used between male friends.
    大大名 is a feudal lord with a salary above 10万石.
    Now the problem comes to 越し. 越しis usually a noun suffix which means "across, through". But I don't know what it means when it appears as a single word.
    So the first sentence would be
    From which 大大名 does the 越し come from? or Which 大大名 is the 越し belonged to? and so on.
    I guess the 御ちさ is a corrupted form of 御馳走ごちそう. So the second sentence would be:
    Here is a treat greater than (that of) 大大名, too.
    Do these make sense within the context of the book you read?

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