I need some help with a book
  • I hope some one can help me...at least by suggesting where I might look to get help.
    I purchased a book about doll making by Ryo Yoshida and I thought that I could just get by with the hundreds of beautiful illustrations but there are places in the book that I would really like to know what it says.
    It is written in the 'calligraphy' style of Japanese (and forgive me if I don't know what the proper name of this style is)...I have gone to the translations available on line, thinking I could copy/paste a sentence or 2 just to get an idea of what it says...but it actually has to be typed into the search. Since I do not have a Japanese keyboard, that won't work.
    Any ideas? I would greatly appreciate any help you could send my way...or suggestions.
    Thanks so much,
  • If you scan the pages you want (or take photos of them) and upload the image somewhere (e.g. tinypic.com), we'll translate them for you.

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