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  • Hello to everyone,

    Yes, this is "yet another kanji tattoo" topic, but I would really appreciate any kind of help :)
    So, a friend of mine would like to get a tattoo of "only human" in japanese, but I can't find anything helpful, since I'm not good with japanese at all! Of course he said that he will find the translations himself, but I always like to doublecheck this kind of things. That's why I was wondering if someone would be so kind to translate that for me (hiragana, kanji.. depends on what would look better on skin)?

    thank you very much in advance :)
  • Only is a hard word to translate in Japanese because there are a few ways the English 'only' can be expressed. Human is easy, 人間 (にんげん), for only, ALC shows a listing for'm+only+human/UTF-8/ and says ただの人間 would be the closest. This only means something like merely. Personally I think this is something that would look silly in most cases as a tattoo though...
  • Thank you so much, you've been very helpful :)

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