Japanese quotes and characters?
  • Hi! As many of you may know there are lots of japanese signs such as 「」【】『』 and even 《》, but what do they mean all of them and when are they to be used? This is one element I haven't really gotten a hold of in the japanese language, yet... :/
  • 「」 is the only one I've ever seen used, and it means ", the quote mark.
  • I've seen 『』 used for book titles, eg 『ノルウェイの森』, and looking at Japanese Wikipedia it seems to also be used for film titles, 『七人の侍』 and album titles 『サージェント・ペパーズ・ロンリー・ハーツ・クラブ・バンド』 (sorry, I'm pretty ignorant when it comes to Japanese albums).
  • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Japanese_punctuation

    I think this should answer a lot of your questions.
  • Thanks, I will look into it. And I already knew about the 「」 and 『』, but none of the rest.... :/
  • Thanks for the link asmodai, it helps :)

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