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  • Welcome!

    This forum is for users of Denshi Jisho to help each other with the Japanese language. Since the dictionary can only answer questions on vocabulary, and occationally the odd grammar pattern, I thought that this would be a good addition to the site.

    My hope is for all the users to help each other out. Currently, as of January 2008, Denshi Jisho has between 2000 to 3000 unique visitors per day, and I'm sure that this includes speakers of all levels of Japanese. So the likelihood of someone knowing the answer to your question is hopefully high.

    I also want this to be a place where the users of Denshi Jisho can get to know each other and socialize.

    Create an account and join in!
  • Awesome. ^^
  • We shall work together to enrich our Japanese and this forum .....
  • Great work Kim. This site just keeps getting better :D
  • thank you kim keep up the good work everyone i am rooting for all of you
  • Hi,

    Where do we post suggestions for the website. I have a relatively simple suggestion that I think would increase the functionality of the website. For words that are listed as "Usually written using kana alone" it would be nice if the sentences link used the hiragana writing of the word instead of the kanji writing, which will usually get no results.
  • meisterllama:

    That is a good suggestion that I've been wanting to implement for a long time but have just not gotten around to it. I'll push it up on my todo list.
  • Oh, another thing that I forgot that might be helpful: It'd be nice if the input of the Japanese and English text fields didn't disappear when you changed tabs between words and sentences. For example, sometimes I'll search for a word in English in the words tab, but then I'll also want to find sentences with that English word. When I switch to the sentences tab, though, I have to retype the word. Not a big deal, just might be nice to have that extra functionality.
  • This is, by far, the best Japanese / English dictionary site I have found. I use it all the time, even though I am new to the language.
    Thank you, thank you for a great and easy to use site.
  • Kimさん、

    わたしも この サイトを みに よかった。 The forum's been a broken link a while ago until I stopped trying it. Then when I last saw this, it was already yesterday! ほんとうに ありがとうございます。 よろしくね。

  • Yeah, this site is awesome. I'd been using the dictionary for a while before i even noticed there was a forum. Arigato for the great site!!! (as you can tell, im a beginner)
  • denshijisho has really been a great help for my japanese learning (: keep it going!
  • こんにちは ! I was just wondering how i specify a search such as searching just for する verbs or slang words for example.

  • Hey you all!

    I'm trying to learn japanese (and English too lol) by myself, so I hope you can help me out once in a while!

    ああ、はじめまして、俺は幸次郎!よろしくおねがいします! どうもありがとうございます、みんなさん!

    日本語が大好き! 何時か、絶対に話せる!
  • I have noted it is difficult to find a decent J-E / E-J engineering dictionary for technical terms for the power industry. I am very surprised and pleased to have stumbled across this site that actually contains quite a lot of power plant specific translation.

    Wanted to say thanks a million!

  • Nice to meet you.

    I'm native Japanese, and live in Osaka(do you know?). I've studied as hard as you,not Japanese,but English. Though my skill and knowledge of English may be as much as that of an elementary school kids in USA, I hope your help and wish we would help each other with the foreign language. Thank you.
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    by joy1709,on 2010-3-2.
  • I am here to learn more Japanese..I want to start learning Kanji for now..I am only a beginner who completed Level 2..so please teach me if you are willing plz contact me at tifftiffanietifftif@yahoo.com or find me on facebook Tiffany Yang (picture- a black and white painting n a girl with shades on with white background-i have 2 facebooks) thx!
  • Posted By: tiffz18
    [p]I am here to learn more Japanese..I want to start learning Kanji for now..I am only a beginner who completed Level 2..so please teach me if you are willing plz contact me at tifftiffanietifftif@yahoo.com or find me on facebook Tiffany Yang (picture- a black and white painting n a girl with shades on with white background-i have 2 facebooks) thx![/p]

    Learning kanji takes months of effort, years depending on what you mean by "learning kanji". It's not something someone can teach you over e-mail.
  • lrnj.com is all you need to learn the kanji.
    It's an RPG style game which teaches you Japanese.
    For $20 it teaches you the kana, kanji, readings, vocab and more.
    There's a free trial version available too.
    Much better than that overpriced, overrated Heisig book.
  • Unfortunately, there's no way a game can have a proper SRS mechanism, so it will be useless in the long run. A fun novelty though.
  • The game does have an SRS mechanism.
    I successfully learned the 1945 jouyou kanji (keywords only) with this game alone.
    If you try and rush it (like I did) the reviews are evil!
    And I don't quite understand the statement "there's no way a game can have a proper SRS mechanism".
    Care to elaborate?
  • Posted By: Kanjimancer
    [p]The game does have an SRS mechanism.
    I successfully learned the 1945 jouyou kanji (keywords only) with this game alone.
    If you try and rush it (like I did) the reviews are evil!
    And I don't quite understand the statement "there's no way a game can have a proper SRS mechanism".
    Care to elaborate?[/p]

    Because of how irregular gaming can become. You generally won't sit down systematically with a game, and a game generally won't have equal pressure all over (because that would make it a bad game), which means that sometimes you will play a lot and thus go way past your reviews, while other times you won't play enough to even deal with your reviews. With an actual SRS software like Anki, you review exactly what you should each day since it's always indicated and you add what you want at the pace you decide. That's what makes it effective.

    I've actually played the game myself and it felt way more that rote memorization than anything else and it was definitely not effective for long term retention.
  • Ah I see, it's the time management system you feel is lacking in SFA. That's fair, the games far from perfect, but it does repeat wrong answers at spaced intervals. Hence spaced repetition. To be honest though, if I could do it all other again I would have just combined the Core 2000 sentences and Tae Kim's grammar guide with EDICT and learnt all the kanji in context...
  • i need help with this capcha
    can u guys plz help
    here's the capcha
  • Guess what,

    I usually clean my shithole with Japanese people's faces!

    Since toilet papers are so expensive nowadays, I utilize Japanese people's faces to clean my shithole.
    After cleaning my shithole, I flush them in the toilet bowl.

    So far, I flushed 2,350 Japaneses in the toilet bowl.

  • konnichiwa!
    Watashi wa nellie desu! :)

    Our instructor told us that we should use jisho as our dictionary. It is unabridged and easy to access. that's why when I searched on the net the word jisho, I saw this site and visit it immediately. I find it good. Many are also enthusiast on learning Japanese. I also want to share some article to you from http://tinyurl.com/ucanspeakjapanese I find it very good and I could recommend this to everyone that are willing to learn. :)
  • Hi, If you are going to learn any language you should know about the economy, culture and other activity of that country. Japan is world third largest economy in the world and there have lot of job and business opportunities. So I think Japanese is best option that you can learn which will help you in career and business prospect. Most important factor is japan had very strong economical country and they have lot of job opportunities.
    The best way is online web based training by native person where you can use whenever you want to learn. This is the best forum that have ever seen to learn Japanese, here one can learn this language in a very interactive way and I don't make us feel bored. Its a fun to learn this language from here. Otherwise for me its gonna be quite difficult.
  • Hey ohayoo mina san
    mondai ga aru ne genji utaawase no imi wa dou desu ka?
  • genji => 源氏 => http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Genji
    utaawase => 歌合 => http://www.jisho.org/words?jap=utaawase&eng=&dict=edict

    ==> genji utaawase = Genji Poetry Contests

    "Other Genji painting includes handscrolls of Genji Poetry Contests Genji uta-awase emaki 源氏歌合絵巻 in which 36 characters from the tale were divided into two groups, each rendered in an imaginary portrait and accompanied by a poem (see *utaawase-e 歌合絵)."
  • Does anyone know if the database used in denshi jisho is on open source ?
  • @yamagata, yes, it's based on EDICT. You can read the details on the about page: http://jisho.org/about/
  • hello hello, new member here, よろしく
  • Welcome to the Jisho forum, @matsuogeo! よろしくね♪
  • @Kim The mobile version of this forum only gives the error

    Something funky happened. Please bear with us while we iron out the kinks.
    You can still view the normal version on mobiices, though.

    Edit: I get the above error when setting the user agent to Android, eg

    Mozilla/5.0 (Linux; Android 4.1.2; GT-N7100 Build/JZO54K) AppleWebKit/535.19 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/18.0.1025.166 Mobile Safari/535.19

    or an iphone client, eg with a user agent string


    The page displays correctly when setting it to ipad, eg

    Mozilla/5.0 (iPad; CPU OS 6_0 like Mac OS X) AppleWebKit/536.26 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/6.0 Mobile/10A5376e Safari/8536.25

    Entering some random user agent such ad "shhtxb" works as well.

    Also, please take a look at this topic http://forum.jisho.org/discussion/1988/page-numbers-on-mobile-version
  • @blutorange, Thanks, I'll see if there's any updates available for the forum software, or if I can fix these issues myself.
  • @blutorange, I just fixed the issue with displaying the forum on mobile devices (it was broken on iPhone as well).
  • Thanks for the effort and I can confirm it works now on my device : )
  • Great!
  • あの、みんなさん。えと、にほんっごがあまりわかりませんから、えと、おしえてこれね?ありがとう!

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