Suggested change to English definition of 車種
  • The current definition is limited to cars: "car make; car model."
    But 車種 is also applied to bicycles:
    "たくさんメーカーや車種があって決めきれない" (
    in a discussion of a bike shop and its inventory.

    I would have preferred to send this directly to as a suggestion, but can't figure out how this is done. Perhaps someone will be kind enough to forward it to the appropriate editor.
  • does not have its own definitions, its based on a free dictionary called wwwjdic, so thats probably where the updates would have to come from.

    That said, according to the Daijirin (a popular japanese lexicon), 車種 applies to cars. Heres the definition from Daijirin:


    Not saying the article you linked is written incorrectly, but maybe its very uncommon or local to refer to other things than cars?
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