Submitting Changes (Edits & New) Radicals suggestions for a Kanji
  • I'm wondering if this is a problem with Denshi Jisho or not.

    When looking up 風 by radical, first grabbed 几(16) which got me things like 凪, 凩, 夙, 凰, 鳳 which match the enclosure of 風 very well, but 風 isn't listed. 諷 is listed and its right half is 風, and has 風 in the radical listing of which allowed me to get 風.

    But 風 lists 冂(13) as its radical and not 几(16).

    If that is correct Japanese, it makes the whole 几(16) ->諷->風 lookup chain not make a lot of sense. Or is Denshi Jisho wrong and 風 should have 几(16) as a radical and not 冂(13)?

    風(182) is a radical in its own right, which I did remember from my course work oh so many years ago. But I still missed it in the list after looking thru the radicals twice. So I then went about looking it up as any other Kanji.

    My New Nelson doesn't list 風 under 几 or 冂 (I think because 風(182) is a radical) so I'm not really sure.

    :Edit: changed title from "Radicals for air/wind 風" to "Submitting Changes (Edits & New) Radicals suggestions for a Kanji"
  • 風 is its own radical.風

    This site (and most other online sites with English front ends) uses free databases such as EDICT and KANJIDIC which do have occasional errors in.

    Incidentally this kanji is "wind" (or sometimes "style" in compounds), not air. Air would be something like 空気 (depending on context).
  • I was interested in what was the problem. And who should I report such a problem to.

    KANJIDIC's entry as much as I understand it only has radical(Bushu) number which is itself (182) and not the list of radicals shown on the [Denshi Jisho page|風]

    The list comes (I think) from the "radkfile" [], which is in the documentation of web version EDICT (wwwjdic) but isn't included with EDICT like KANJIDIC is.

    I'm still unsure where to report issues to.
  • Well, it seems Kim is considering making changes to the version used on this site at some point:

    Normally I would report things to the EDICT (++others) folks since it's more sensible to get errors corrected at source - other sites/apps will then get the correction when/if they update their files.
  • That is exactly what I'm currently trying to do. I scoured EDICT's documentation for ways to report things but found no place for radkfile stuff. So I've emailed Breen asking where is a good place to do so.

    I'll post what I find here if any others have a similar issue.

    I've updated the title to reflect that.
  • Like you have already discussed, there's Kanjidic, which contains the actual radical for the kanji. Then there's the Radkfile that lists all the possible parts that a kanji can be broken down into. Both are maintained by the Electronic Dictionary Research and Development Group.

    I'd say the best way to propose changes to the files is either to email Jim Breen directly or post to the EDRDG's mailing list:

    In the meantime, I agree that 風 should be listed under 几 instead of 冂 in Radkfile. I'll make the change manually to Jisho.

    Thanks for helping to improve the data!

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