Question about translating anime and tokusatu lyrics
  • Which is harder? Translating japanese anime lyrics into english or translating tokusatsu lyrics into english or does it all depend on the song?
  • Any lyrics/poetry are going to be difficult - the level of difficulty depends on what exactly it contains, not the genre.

    For example, some set phrases don't translate well, or it might be using some sort of pun/double-meaning that doesn't work in English.
  • Ah, thank you for answering my question, I feel much better knowing that it's the difficutly of the song and not the person that trying to translate it. I hope you can understand that last part.
    See I'm trying my hand at translating my favorite Japanese songs from these two genres, some of them are easy and some of them, sound easy, but the translation proves to be more harder than I releaized. thank you so much

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