• Hello, I would be grateful if somebody could translate for me these two names into japanese: Pedro and Conchi. Thank you very much.
  • Translating is to "express the sense of (words or text) in another language". Personal names are often not translated, but their sound(=pronunciation) is transcribed.

    It would certainly be possible to translate the meaning of these two names into Japanese, even using kanji if you want.

    However, I assume you are looking for the most common way how these names would be expressed when they need to be mentioned in a Japanese text. You would spell them with Japanese phonetic signs like this:

    ペドロ (Pedro, pe-do-ro)
    コンチ (Conchi, ko-n-chi, assuming it is pronounced konchee)

    PS: Not like it's a big problem, but please try and use a more descriptive thread title such as "Translation of Pedro and Conchi" the next time.

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