Help - meaning of white writes on the street
  • Hi to everybody, please can someone help me
    to understand what there's written in white on the
    street in this picture? :)

    Thanks a lot in advance!
  • the one on the right says "bus terminal" and the left one is a direction to some city or something (the city's name is 高島桜木 but i don't really know how to read it :/)
  • There's also a 町 in there on the left. So you get 高島桜木町 and then 方面 (direction). I guess 高島桜木町 breaks up as 高島 and 桜木町.

    Fwiw there is a place called 桜木町 (Sakuragicho) on the 高島 (Takashima) line. Maybe some connection.
  • thanks a lot! really appreciated the replies :)

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