• Dear all,

    I recently found this card, from around 25 years ago, in my possessions.


    I believe it was written in Japanese, perhaps Hiragana.

    Could anybody confirm, and perhaps translate for me?

  • おてがみ ありがとう
    Thank you for your letter.
    にほんに きた(?)ときは からなず(?) いちばんかんに(?) きてください
    Make sure you come to Ichibankan when you come to Japan (???)

    Far from confident this is correct but possibly correct. Seems to have been written by a non-native speaker (hence all hiragana and basic mistakes). I guess "karanazu" is meant to be "kanarazu". Maybe there is a place called Ichibankan...
  • But it's interesting that the writer is quite confident about handwriting (most people at that linguistic level would be more intent on making the kana clear) and uses the polite form of letter "o-tegami." I wonder what Sherlock would make of it.
  • Many thanks for your swift response! I think it would have been written in Hiragana as Kanji would have been deemed "too hard" for me. It would have been written by a native speaker. I guess a native speaker might have trouble spelling every word in full even though they'd be perfectly fluent in writing Kanji.

    Ichibankan (Number one house ???) was (is still??) a bar somewhere in Tokyo.
  • OK, well fair enough - I'm obviously more of a Dr Watson at making deductions.

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