Check please translation
  • Can somebody please check translation of the following sentence. Because, I find it a bit of strange...

    Even if gods have allowed this, if Chinami-sama says black, the fried eggs black too!
  • I would phrase it like
    "Otentosama might (allow it/forgive us), but when Chinami wants it black, even fried eggs will be black!" (otentosama: (1) some god (2) [=お日様] sun)

    But this doesn't make any sense to me either. Where is this from, any context?
  • Context(千波 unexpectedly makes tasty dish, that is why MC is stunned. ):
    千波 unexpectedly makes tasty dish, that is why MC is stunned.
    Oh, and as far as I can remember last time when 千波 made 目玉焼き it was all black(burnt), that is why she says 「千波様が黒と言ったら、目玉焼きでも黒いんだよ」
  • Taking some freedom with the translation:

    No ifs and buts and stills! I don't care if the oh so almighty Lord might forgive you, but when I say black, you'll eat your fried eggs black!

    I wouldn't put too much thought into it...

    Japanese Goddess of the Sun, but also of the universe.
  • Oh, thank you!

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