Help me translate this concept please
  • I would like to know what is the difference between this two kanjis: 鍛練 and 鍛錬. I know both of them mean discipline but, what is the difference between them?
  • Discipline or training is a later meaning. Originally, these words meant
    鍛錬 temper, anneal (metal), forge
    鍛練 degum, boil off (raw silk)
    which in Japanese can be described as (鉄・生糸)をねりきたえる, so you can see the similarity. Both involve improving the quality of sth. by some laborious process, hence the extended meaning "train, toughen".

    This also fits with the structure of both kanji. Both contain the phonetic (sound) element 東, combined with the semantic (meaning) element 金 or 糸.

    There's also the spelling, 鍛煉, 煉 is 金属を火でとかして精練する, and often replaced by 練 today.

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