Feature Request: search for WORDS by radical
  • Basically, I want a more effective word-search based on radicals. Let me explain...

    I've always been somewhat weak in kanjis, so I often encounter words consisting of completely unknown kanji. I find these to be quite a pain to input. I think the multiradical system is quite effective, especially combined with the excellent (new?) feature greying out incompatible radical selections.

    Still, I believe it can be done better. Typically, when I search for a kanji, I'm really searching for a word. I have quite some problem figuring out all the radicals when the kanji are low-resolution (i.e. especially when playing old games!). So, I've often thought that it'd be nice to be able to search for all words where the first kanji has so-and-so radical and the second has so-and-so (as these often are all I can make out). I mean, there can't be that many words matching such a description, right?

    As an example, if I'm looking up 絢爛, I want a 糸 in the first kanji and a 火 and a 門 in the second. This in fact uniquely determines the word (in edict at least).

    Well, a year or so ago, back when I actually had some free time (well, not really), I tried and implemented this. It worked! And it worked better than I expected, turns out that searching for a whole word typically require selecting fewer radicals than for a single kanji! (And one doesn't have to do it for every kanji either...)

    So, I'd like something like this, that takes advantage of the fact that it's easier to find words than kanji by radicals. I'm unsure of what'd be the best user interface for such a feature (and one that is implementable in html, none the less).

    You can try my implementation here or the more fancy version here. (Note: This is mainly a proof-of-concept, I have no plans nor the time to make my site as awesome in general as this one.)
  • Hey,

    You can find a words multi-element search tool at http://tangorin.com/compounds . It's still fresh and needs polishing but it works.
  • This is definitely a good idea and something that I want to add later on. The biggest problem is to find a user friendly interface, possibly using some constraints on how you can search.

    But I won't be working on this any time soon as I have a few other things that I want to prioritize. I'm also quite busy with life at the moment, so it might be a while.

    Tangorin looks very nice, and somewhat familiar ;)
  • Hi Kim,

    I make tangorin.com.

    You might not believe it but I started working on Tangorin before noticing jisho.org, and then when I did find it (have a brilliant idea? use Google ;]) I felt somewhat depressed. You really did a great job turning the wwwjdic files into something user-friendly.

    I was trying VERY hard not to get influenced, or should I say not to make a direct copy of jisho.org, but at the early stage of development every major change would harm the user experience so eventually I gave up on originality.

    But with the latest updates I think Tangorin is finally starting to get its own looks :)
  • Just going a little off-topic, but tangorin looks pretty nice. It's a little simple, more boring colors than here at jisho, but I will definitely save it for eventual latter use. ^^
  • I take the similarities as a compliment :)

    Actually I have several gripes with how some parts of Denshi Jisho works and looks at the moment and once I get time to do some development again I would like to take a stab at fixing that. And with tangorin looking very good it might actually be me loaning some ideas next ;)
  • That word search in tangorin looks interesting, but is not quite what I'm looking for. I'd like to able to specify the elements for each character. This is not quite as powerful.

    But maybe it's good enough? The interface is certainly quite simple. It's a very natural extension to the old lookup.

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