Needing bit help
  • I promised to send couple photos. And it would be rude if I don't write letter. I thought something like this:

    Hello ******,

    Here are the photos I promised to send. I hope they're fine. Those girls are my friends, and fans of ***** too.
    I hope that some day I can visit Japan and meet ***** because their works has inspirated me to become a comic artist. I really do enjoy stories and art they make.

    Oh my, I'm not good with formal letters, so help would be nice. Does that sound rude? Be free to make it more formal. Those stars I will replace with actual names and stuff.

    Also difficulties with this:

    I'm fan of ******. I really do enjoy your music. It's gives me inspiration to write or draw. I listen your music whenever I have a chance. It makes me feel much better if I'm sad. --- Somehow it just touches deep, and I can feel happiness.
    It was my day of luck when you made tour to Finland.

    I wish you good luck for days to come.

    Well, there is also some other parts on these letters but I think I can manage them on my own.

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