help for english translation (:
  • Hi to everybody, please can someone be so kind to help me
    to translate in english what's there's written in this t-shirt?

    It would be really appreciated :)
    Thanks in advance!
  • Jig.Jig, Sports , I couldn't read the last word on the right side of the shirt because it is covered, but probably its ニツク(Like), Just written in Katakana ... If I'm right, then we could say that the translation is、Jig.Jig, I like sports... The word on the lower right corner is F*ck.. Hope this helps..
  • It's not Sports (which would be スポーツ), but Sputnik, I guess. See

    "History will prove us right." is written in English.

    At the bottom right is 再結成・御来日 公演決定 (reunification and visit to Japan, public performance confirmed) As for the word above, it's as pauro sad, "fuck" (or FAQ, which make no sense (either, U should say...))

    Bottom left: 世界の夢をかなえます ([We] will make all people's dreams come true. [literally to make the dreams of the world come true])

    The text below the headline is too low-res to identify.

    @pauro04 How did get from につく to like? And please don't feel bad, we've all made mistakes when we started with Japanese ; )
  • wow that's nice, big thanks mates! ^_^
  • Hello everyone

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