About Sentences & Readings
  • Hello everyone.

    I want to start thanking the creators of this wonderful webpage, I use it every day! I spend hours and hours here.

    Since my daily activity is studying 3rd grade kanji, I've found two main things that could improve the efectiveness of my search:
    * When searching for a kanji reading, if you click on the reading (be it on or kun) in the Kanji page, you don't get exactly... what you're looking for. I get results of the reading and the kanji, but not of the kanji in question with the reading I'm looking for.
    * Needing sentences to complete my study, I think it would be nice to have everyword in jisho stating if it has sentences or not, before clicking on the "Sentences" link.

    Hope my explanation was clear =S

    Again, thank you so much for this jisho.
    You guys rock!
  • That would be Kim. ^^
    But I would like to think myself partful, so thank you - I do rock. xO
  • Your first point is actually a bug, but I'm working on it. As for your second point, I agree that that is how it should be and I will probably make it work like that later on.

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