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    I'm having trouble translating this sentence. Its from a magazine about kpop band JYJ and the sentence is about how one member has a weird laugh that sounds like "eukyangkyang". I thought it was saying, "The members and fans both agree that the laughing voice is expressed as"eukayngkyang" " but I'm not sure. :s Any replies would be greatly appreciated. I'm attempting to translate this magazine article for a friend XD

  • Members and fans, all together lets all do the ukyan-ukyan (eukayngkyang) laugh.. But literally the meaning is, member fan all together that laughter (ukyan-ukyan) to express.
  • ようこそ。:)
  • Pauro, you don't say "ようこそ" when you respond to thank you. You'd say "どういたしまして".
  • Aw! I forgot about that.. xD a man, I'm getting dumber, that's what I used to respond to my teacher when he says thank you.. eerrr.. Anyways, thanks for reminding me...

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