Can some help translate from Japanese to English please?
  • 聴いた者の身体に生ぬるくべっとりと纏わり付き、この世を切り裂く、という声のあまりの奇怪さに、聴いた瞬間、咄嗟には、その声を耳にしたという事実そのものを忘れてしまわなければ、と一途に依怙地な決心をしたのだった。

    I think it's talking about an unknown voice that's neither on the inside nor the outside of the ears and the speaker thinks the voice is cut off from this world. Am I right?
  • I tried to split this one sentence into several shorter, but the last one is still pretty long. My translation should get the meaning across, but I don't guarantee the word choice and expressions feel the same as the original.

    A voice that echoes and moves through the body like your lukewarm blood. (lit. is lukewarm and sticks to your body) Whether from the outside, or from.within you, you cannot tell. How the world were ripped apart, you can hear it whisper. So bizarre was this voice that in that instant you decided no matter what you had to forget the very existence of that voice the moment it entered your ear.

    Just noticed you mentioned a speaker (instead of a narrator), in that case replace the generic second person's point of view with a first person one.
  • Thank you blutorange!

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