Hardware upgrade Sunday May 17th 7pm CET
  • Denshi Jisho will be offline for a while around 7pm Central European Time on Sunday. A friend has donated 4 fresh gigabytes of RAM, and since load on the server just keeps rising this is a good time to install it.

    The site shouldn't be down for long, but the downtime window might move slightly if needed. I'll update this thread if that is the case.

    I'll also post updates to my twitter account, http://twitter.com/kimtaro and jisho.org's, http://twitter.com/jisho
  • The update went as planned and the server is now happily running with double the amount of RAM that it had before, giving us ample room to grow.

    Big thanks to my friends, Erik, who donated the RAM, and Daniel, who trecked to the datacenter and installed it!

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