Expert translators (Eng to Jap)
  • Hey, I've been wanting to compose a Jap song and was wondering if any fluent Japanese speakers could translate my English lyrics into Japanese
    It contains a bit of colorful language so it's slightly beyond conversational Japanese
    Also, since it's a song, it would be nice if the phrases rhymed but it doesn't matter if it's impossible :)
    ANY input would be greatly appreciated!

    I see the emptiness in your eyes,
    why are you crying?
    If only you would look around
    you'd see the dreams of yesterday
    still living

    What is done is done,
    What has passed has passed,
    For we cannot trace the same footsteps in the sand
    nor be able to see two snowflakes the same

    Don't ask me to come back
    because I'm already at your side
    This isn't an end or a beginning,
    but a continuity like the rolling waves,
    which never ceases
    'cause the moon will pull it along its course
    never parting,
    because the two are connected

    Even if you could stop the Earth from turning,
    the ever expanding skies,
    What would you do?
    For once the rain seeps through the veiled sky,
    you cannot stop the torrents from flowing

    Ending bit:
    Stay. I am here.
    As I promised,
    I will be with you till the very end

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