Character Encoding
  • Ah! I have been trying to translate a few words, but every time I do, the japanese letters are numbers and letters in tiny boxes. I figured that the encoding on the page wasn't in the right setting?
    What encoding do I need?
  • Not really understanding your problem. Are you copying the characters from some other site or program and pasting them into this site? Are you writing them with your keyboard? What browser are you using?

    In general, if you copy a kanji from one page it should work when pasted into this one (there used to be a problem though but Kim fixed it).
  • I am not sure I understand your problem either. But just for reference, uses UTF-8 as the character encoding. Also make sure that you have Japanese language support installed if you are on Windows.
  • Ahhh, I think I know what this person means.

    It sounds like replacement characters where you see the hexadecimal code of the codepoint inside a box. Sounds like this person is using a Unix/Linux system and does not have the appropriate fonts installed.

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