How do I say in japanese?
  • Hey guys!
    So how do I say in japanese "Would you like some tea? What kind of tea, black or green?"
    And the situation: office, receiving japanese guests in a foreign (for 日本人) office.
    Thank you in advance.
  • Judging from the location and the people interacting, I guess you should be talking in polite Japanese, so I guess this would fall this way... あなたは茶を飲みますか。Anata wa cha wo nomimasu ka? (Do you want to drink tea?) 紅茶と緑茶よりがどちらもういいですか。koucha to ryokucha yori ga dochira mou ii desu ka? (Black tea or green tea, which one is good?)
  • I would say
  • Thanks for replies, guys! I'd stick to second version though. Btw, I'd like to ask if there are any websites where I could find friends from japan to practise the language. Or would you like to start the conversation in japanese somehow. ありがとう。
  • You can find it anywhere, just be patient.. But I don't know with your case.. It depends, are you a girl? If you are a girl I guess it won't be that difficult because male japanese are rather aggressive.. The thing is if you are a guy, because girls are mostly shy, and I don't think male japanese will give time for you as a guy just to chitchat... Anyways, I used facebook.. I randomly invite japanese friends (To a point that my friend request had been ban for a month xD) just to chitchat.. I have at least 3-4 people out of 50s I guess that I've invited.. xD Though those 3 - 4 were really kind, and talkative, so that makes sense.. And they are eager as well to teach you japanese.. That is all about chitchat or conversation.. But if you want CORRECTIONS, like do all your japanese and some other native speakers will correct it for you, then would be best for you...
  • Okay, thanks for a thorough answer.
    And I'm a girl :D
    And why are japanese guys aggressive?
  • I think by "aggressive" pauro means the opposite of shy, as in "forth-coming" or "talkative." : )
  • Well, that does make sense. But why should they be agressive?
  • Because as what my friend told me (married to a japanese guy)、Japanese are quite aggressive on foreigners, because japanese woman are expensive... I mean, if you want to have a japanese girlfriend, you must have a decent work, or something that would make them proud of you.. Well that's what my friend told me.. And I kind of experience it as well, because I once used my girlfriend's picture as my profile pic.. And I've got replies from japanese guys, but when I told them that I was a male.. They stopped replying.. But I don't know, I don't have a proof on this except for a story given to me by a friend, and my little experience.. But I guess we are safe to say that as what blutorange-senpai had termed, they are "forth-coming" or "talkative".. And another thing, nice to meet you ma'am.. :)
  • Hehe, nice to meet you too, sir! :D
    How long have you been studying japanese? What's your story? How come you got interested in japanese language?
  • It goes like this.. Half of my life, I've spent time facing the computer (playing computer games, watching animes, watching movies).. Now there was a time that I've realized that most of my interest were related to japanese.. At first, it was only a hobby to state very simple japanese phrases I've got from what I have been watching or playing.. And so there is this time in my life that I've ask myself and God on why I don't have a goal.. And so I think of a goal, and that's it.. Since I like so much stuffs about japan, and so I told to myself that I will someday migrate there.. And so I've enrolled in a basic japanese study. It so happened that I've known someone in there that changes my life a lot, and made my goal on going to Japan a dream.. So I guess a dream is stronger than a goal. And I guess that made sense for me to pursue more of my studies to attain my dream.. :) Sooooooo I have been studying Japanese for about, uuhhhmmm.. 3 months? xD 2 months for the basic Japanese study and 1 month self study... 日本語が一番難しいだ。でもだいじょうぶだって、日本が一番好きないんだろう。だから、僕に頑張っているのだ。:)じゃ、あなたも、頑張ってね。それより、お名前を教えてもらえるのですか?:)
  • 名前はレナタです。どうぞよろしく。
  • レナタ?可愛いなその名前は。とにかく、レナタは何人ですか?:)
  • 実は、私はタタール人です。タタール人は北アジアのモンゴル高原から東ヨロッパのリトアニアにかけての幅広い地域にかけて活動したモンゴル系、チュルク系の様々な民族です。(wiki)
  • 何かおかしいいな。あの、国は何ですか。それより、私はフィリピン人です。国はフィリピンです。(^。^)
  • タタール人ですが、ウズベキスタンと言う国に住んでいます。ウズベキスタンは中央アジアにある1つ国です。首都はタシケントです。北にカザフスタン、南にトルクメニスタンとアフガニスタン、東でタジキスタン、キルギスと接する.
  • あーそうですか?やっぱりその国は私にしらないのこと。xD でも、いいよ。タタールがすごいでしょうね?それより、えと、私の国?でよこと、私たちの国が「フィリピン」ちょっとつまらないです、貧しいだから。食物がたかいだし、飲み物がたかいだし、うちがたかいだし、あ!たくさんがたかいだよ!でも、いいよ。フィリピンの天然資源が綺麗です、そして、たくさんの綺麗ビーチがありますよ!ボラカイとパラワンのビーチが一番綺麗でしょうよ!xD あ!とにかく、国の写真を見てもいいですか?xD

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