•   Anyone got moe for moe? x]
      Tell us your deepest and most inner moe secrets here! >:D

    I guess I have to go first then... *sigh*
    I think.... Anemone and Eureka from Eureka Seven. :D
    (And maybe Misa-Misa from Death Note? :3)
  • I actually had to look up the term "moe"! Another thing Denshi Jisho is good for.

    What an embarrasing topic. Haha.

    Hmm. I would say Yoruichi from Bleach. Very Nice! I need to watch that show more...
  • Well, she's not that pretty with her attitude, but GOD her breasts... *droooool*

    I-I mean... Uhhh............ EAUH.... O.o
  • Back in the day when I watched Ranma, it was Shampoo. Then, it was Kanwu from Ikkitousen. As of late, it's Lucy from Elfen Lied (only her dark side, naturally).
  • I got disappointed of the Ranma anime because it sucked in comparison to the manga. But the manga itself is great. :)
  • Yeah, it did kinda suck. Too bad they sacrificed the nicely blooming plot in favor of comical devices (which got boring pretty fast). But it had its moments. And considering it was the first anime that I ever watched, there's some nostalgia about it.
  • Thanks for reaffirming why I do not consider myself an otaku.
    Real-life girlfriend > * (and she teaches me proper Japanese too, ey!)
  • haha I agree with you asmodai. I have a thing for Brazilian Girls. I am talking to one as we speak! lol.
  • São Paulo has a large contigent of Brasilian-Japanese girls. I'm sure you can find a かわいい gatinha there. :) (I have an ex there...)
  • Well, whatever happens, happens. I'm not much on seeking for somebody. I just like having friends. (Btw, why is there a significant population of Japanese Brazilians? It seems like the most random of encounters.)
  • Back in the day Japanese went to Brasil for work. Most of them stuck around and then the にせい、さんせい、よんせい generations got born... Sao Paulo was one of the areas they stuck around. Just like the south has lots of gauchos (German and Dutch descendents).
  • huh, I never knew that before. cool.
  • There's a lot of history written about it actually. is a starting point. But the social implications are far more interesting. I do not remember the exact names of the books or papers, but as gaijin we're excused in Japan since we're, well, gaijin. If you're a Japanese Brazilian you'll be tarred by the Japanese brush, but knowing Brazilian culture and background you may realize that it is like almost entirely opposite the Japanese kata culture. So lots of problems ensue. I remember reading about Japanese Brazilians who went back to Japan to work and literally starved to death due to not finding work and not getting help.
  • Yeah, I had read there has been some mild discrimination in Japan against many ethnicities, even today. But, that is the way with most countries. Then again, I have only READ about it. I have not actually been there to see it first hand. It may be blown out of proportion, I don't know.

    All this is so off topic in comparison to how this thread started out. This current discussion should move to a new thread.
  • あの、モウはなんですか?ちょっとおかしいだよね。
  • @paulo they mean moe 萌え
  • あ、ごめなさい!So what is the meaning of that? おねがいします!
    But originally, it comes from the verb 萌える

    An example of its original usage:

    The people of this world are clinging to the remaining land. They keep on living, while dreaming about the land sprouting with green [=abundant vegetation].
  • ahh... okay, thanks... I will keep this in my vocabulary.. hehe...
  • Also note how the kanji consists of "grass" (艹) +"brightness" (明). Seeing kanji like this make remembering them much easier, you can make up your own mnemonics based upon their parts (radicals).
  • Yes, that is what my previous instructor taught me. Please correct me if I'm wrong, the kanji for brightness - is it the c
  • Yes, that is what my previous instructor taught me. Please correct me if I'm wrong, the kanji for brightness - is it the combination of Moon and Sun's Kanjis? So Moe's kanji is like "a grass will sprout if there is brightness given by the sun and the moon"? This is how I study and memorize kanji characters, is this effective? or you guys have some more effective ways on memorizing.. Thanks!
  • >the kanji for brightness - is it the combination of Moon and Sun's Kanjis?

    >This is how I study and memorize kanji characters, is this effective for me?
    This is a subjective, not an objective question. Really, this is a question you need to answer for yourself - if you can remember them like this, and if you enjoy making up these mnemonics, then by all means, go ahead. You may like RTK.
    And it's pretty much how I'm learning as well, I make up some story or image about the kanji, sometimes unconsciously. But what is perhaps of even more importance is repetition and training ^-^

    Btw, you can click "Edit" to right of your username to edit your post.
  • Thanks, but I wasn't editing anything, my Internet got lost for an instance and I never thought that by spamming the "post comment" button I was able to send that wrong post. As per the topic itself, thanks for the forum suggestion but I find those people from that forum site as rude, because I've felt like I've been insulted there as a beginner. They laughed at my wrong japanese, and making fun with my maybe stupid questions but actually been treated and answered nicely from other forum sites including this one. I don't know, maybe I've just encountered the wrong people there.
  • Which forum are you referring to? If you mean , I didn't even realize they had a forum. I was just posting the link in case you didn't know about the book. Well, you're welcome here : )
  • this one, I know I'm a beginner but only to that site that I was treated like I wasn't welcome. Maybe, on some people there though.

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