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  • I thought that if you want to add links to the Links section then maybe we could gather the place to make requests. If you don't want to add any more links, just close this topic. ^^

    However, you are free to add (swedish otaku-community site) and (the site for my manga art studio Onsen Studio). :3
  • -erased (by myself)-
  • Well, my initial standard for the Links page was to be only links to sites that I use and enjoy myself, and that I would think as helpful to people studying Japanese, so I am a bit reluctant to add sites outside of that frame.

    But I think it is a very good idea to collect links of a more general nature here, so we can share our best tips with each other.

    And the ones I like and think are relevant I'll add to the Links page ;)
  • But you're swedish - you can enjoy! D:

    You sure seem to like the word "reluctant," ka?
  • Posted By: Rukishou
    [p]You sure seem to like the word "reluctant," ka?[/p][span class=CommentSignature]~Fumoffu![/span]

    I will reluctantly have to agree.
  • Crap, I forgot the meaning of reluctant. x']
    (You say it so much I can't focus!)
  • (In my non-savvy, American accent) Reluctant means unwilling, or disinclined to. Yep.
  • I was joking. *blob*

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