Translation of a title
  • G'day dear all,
    wondering if anyone might give me a hand in translating the title of a light novel I happened to stumble upon.
    The title is "Koguma Rensa", in romanji, written on the cover exactly as you see it here. Thanks!
  • I'm guessing it's 小熊連鎖 which means Young bear Connection.
  • In the interests of accuracy, I just thought I'd point at that it's romaji (in this case, the long vowel is not rendered as a double in the Roman alphabet), not romanji.

    In Japanese, it is ローマ字, meaning Roman letters/characters (字 is the same as in "kanji" 漢字).
    Since romaji is a transliteration rather than a translation, it doesn't need a capital R or an n.

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