Please help with old ehon title translation, Domo Arigato!!!
  • Hi can anyone help me translating the title of this old ehon book?

    Thanks a lot!

  • Seems to be 幼稚絵手本

    幼稚 (as in 幼稚園 or kindergarten) shows the book is for children.

    '繪' is a variant of '絵' so the rest is '絵手本' or 'etehon'. A quick google search later, I find that 'etehon' is an art manual, as mentioned on the Wikipedia page for Hokusai:

    So it is an art manual for children (or How to Draw (for children)).

    Finally '完' would seem to mean the book is complete. I don't know if you know, but Japanese books are often published in different volumes.

    Pretty sure that's correct.
  • Hi Richard,

    Thanks a lot! Domo Arigato! I really appreciate it!


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