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  • Hey everybody these are lyrics from a song (bonus points to those who can figure it out)


    I read this as : "If I recall that rushed time, I can abandon it in advance"...would anyone read this differently? I'm seeing the おけよ as the potential of おく、qualifying 捨てる, but dropping the る to be colloquial and such, with an emphatic よ. Am i translating this wrong in some obvious way? I'm curious as to what people think.
  • It's not potential form, it's imperative form.

    Which song is it?
  • コインランドリー by Ogre You Asshole....great song, it's been stuck in my head

    Imperative form eh? I'm not sure I know that one...I'm only in an Intermediate Level College class...thanks I"ll look into it!
  • Actually I do, well I'm supposed to know the imperative (although I just learned it so clearly I'm still getting it confused)...the よ is still just a particle and not part of the verb conjugation right?

    So would a better translation be "If YOU recall that rushed time, throw it away!! (in advance)"
  • or maybe just "when" instead of "if"

    also I noticed I posted this in the wrong forum...I'm new (and not much of a forum user)
  • Yeah, sounds about right.
  • thanks for your help!

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