translating "unbreakable"
  • Hello everyone! :D

    I was hoping that you all would be willing to help me with something. I am an :cough:amature:cough: author, and I’ve been trying to find some information for a character I am creating. This character is supposed to have a mark on him, something in kanji, but I have not been able to figure out the correct characters. I’m afraid my Japanese skills are limited to recognizing a few spoken phrases... the only kanji I can ever recognize are basic numbers. Anyway, the two words I’m trying to translate into kanji are "unbreakable" and "redemption"... I’m almost positive that unbreakable would be more than one character, so I imagine that may be why the online translators I’ve tried have been getting tripped up. To put it into context, “unbreakable” would be referring to the character’s personality and spirit, while “redemption” would be referring to his goal for himself.

    I’m sorry for asking something like this after just joining, but frankly I can't think of any other way to figure this out. Any assistance you could render would be /greatly/ appreciated!

    - Merritt
  • Unbreakable spirit - くじけない気力
    Redeem oneself - 名誉を回復する

    Just as advice, the kanji tattoo rules would still apply, even to fictional characters. Also, in Japanese verbs and adjectives are accompanied by hiragana. While the kanji can convey a meaning, they are modified to convey all meanings. In this case, 挫ける (くじける) uses 挫 which means to be crushed/sprained/broken, the negative is achieved by changing the hiragana to 挫けない. My advise is to look to Chinese, where the kanji's came from. AFAIK they just use the kanjis to give meaning, so there might be compounds there.

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