JLPT Results / Tips to Improve
  • Just got my results today, and completely surprised that I infact, passed. Just wondering how everyone else did. Need to work on my writing/vocabulary, but I knew that anyways. Can anyone recommend any good self-study books about this level to go along with my Japanese Class?

    Writing/Vocabulary: 52/100
    Listening: 65/100
    Reading: 145/200
    Total: 262/400 [Passed 3 級]
  • alljapaneseallthetime.com

    All you need to learn Japanese all by yourself in no-time.
  • I also recommend JapanesePod101.

    Even if you don't buy a subscription, you can listen and learn really well. Their podcasts are great, incredibly helpful, and are sorted into level categories, such as Beginner, Intermediate, etc.

    You should definitely check it out. :]
  • I passed JLPT 2 - yay!
    I got like 70% or something overall... not good, but not bad and I'm just happy I passed it, from the feel of it I could just as well have failed. I just don't like test situations, no matter how much I know. I usually just fail to follow in-test instructions. Like miss a page completely and stuff like that. But I did study a lot of Japanese for myself months before the test, as well as attending Japanese class (at my Japanese university :-P ), so yes, I fought for it.
    What generally helps most is being able to read "long" texts. I've been reading Japanese novels for some years now - when I started I couldn't read a page within the hour or something, but gradually I got better, and that's what I think is the overall best way of improving in the right direction. Sure I studied using textbooks with "grammar" explanations on all pages, but what helps most is getting the feel of a written text. What does it say, what kind of thoughts are its author trying to convey, etc. The test is also full of these Q:s, right.

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