Could someone help me out this term???
  • Hello everyone!
    I'm having a bit of trouble with a (what's seems a cultural term o slang perhaps) term:


    The phrase reads: (yell by a male speaker over a cellphone):

    Could someone give me a hand and let me know what is it referring to?
    Thanks a bunch!

  • Unsuspecting googlers, beware. It seems to refer to the 'M' part of 'S&M'.
  • Correct. The M in this context is most likely referring to Masochistic. It's not usually used in the sense of S&M bondage, but rather S being dominant and M being more submissive relationship-wise.

    So the man is most likely talking about submissive women.
  • Oh, I thought about that but I was not so sure!

    Thanks a lot for your help Richard and Jossos!


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