Please help translating Kanji
  • Hei!
    I have allready found some radicals but i cant make a sentence out of them... Could someone please help... 正和 Shouwa era (1312.3.20-1317.2.3) 元年 first year (of a specific reign)?? Does it mean General Matsui Iwane 松井石根
    more pics of the sword:
    thank you :)
  • you're right about the first one, it means "first year of Shouwa".
    The second one is correct but the last kanji is a bit messed up so I can't say 100%, but it looks like you picked the right kanji.
    As for the reading of those kanji, it's impossible to tell since most kanji names can be pronounced in many different ways.

    The third one is 興成 *. I can't say which the last kanji is unfortunately, it looks really odd and round on the picture... I would guess that's
    it's the name of the person who made the sword though, in that case "興成" is probably the family name of the maker, "kousei".
  • Thank you Tobberoth for your feedback. I really appreciate your help ;)
    I added a new closeup picture of the handle/tsuba. Links are in my first post.

    I'm not sure about the tsuba. The first radical doesn't look like 興 and I think the second one could be 成 戒 or 或

    Could someone suggest me some other sites where i could get this translated?
  • That tsuba actually looks more like hentaigana characters.

    The first one could be a hentaigana ぬ.

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