Give me $5 and RUN MY LIFE
  • Been in IT for 10 years and I am at the point where I ask myself .... is this it?

    My mind thinks ... where are all the years going ..... as I look back ..... If I was 21 again I would do this or when I was 15 I should have nail that cunt for bitching on me!! - so many things I would have liked to have done.

    So I came up with this. From now until June 1st 2009 I am going to try and raise 100,000 USD, and as from that date I let people tell me what to do, by means of voting on tasks.

    So you could tell me to:

    Do a bungee jump in Queenstown in New Zealand?
    Help out a run down porn queen in a trailer park in Las Vegas
    Give 5000 to a small start up in Finland
    Bang 4 fine e Euro Gumball race
    Buy an ochicks in Prague
    Drive in thld oil rig and help Pirate bay

    The choice of what I am todo is entirely up to the voters each Sunday night after June 1st until the cash runs out.

    So if you like my simple idea and trust me with your pennies then why not give a dollar or two for the cause - you also get a backlink and tag [size depends on how much you give]

    give a comment or two on the site if you have the time so I can get the feelings for the logic..
  • I think it sounds nuts...what if everyone votes that you buy a bazooka and blow someone away? Are there going to be rules to prevent people from voting that you assasinate someone, or rob a bank, or jump off a cliff without a parachute? I mean, to a certain extent, it sounds exciting...and if all goes well, you'll certainly have some crazy me overly-paraniod or precautious if you want, but there's just tooooo much that could go wrong with serving your will and a wad of cash up for people to vote on. So many people are too crazy to be trusted with such power, and if you'll truely do whatever they say, who knows what you could end up doing.
  • It sounds like fun. In keeping with Cherushi's concerns, I would simply advise you to make a clear (and clearly publicised) caveat/condition, along the lines of:

    "I will not do anything which is illegal or which goes against my conscience". Other than that, I say go for it!!
  • Sounds like spam to me. Closing the thread.
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