Anime and manga category?
  • Hi! I just wanted to give an advice and that many that keep visiting here probably likes manga and anime (or at least one of them) so it could be a good idea making a category for that. Or maybe you think that should go in the Japan category?
  • Good question. By the looks of it, you seem to like Naruto?? lol. I have never watched it consistently, but I definitely like the Nippon version much better!!

    My favourites are FMA, D.Gray Man, Dragonball, Cowboy Bebop, and Samurai Champloo.
  • Yeah, I like Naruto. But I'm not some moron that don't even knows what anime are, just watches it on ZTV in the night or something like that... @_@
    Nah, I donwload - both anime and manga. And not just Naruto, but also Bleach, One Piece every week. And I also have at least 52 series that I'm watching constantly... #_#

    Anyways, my absolute favorite must be Eureka Seven. Can't stop crying everytime I think of it being over... T_T
  • As the forum is still very young I think it would be a good idea to keep the categories limited, and then add categories as the current ones end up being flooded.

    So go for the Japan category :)
  • Okay. Well that sounds smart enough. ^^
  • @Rukishou: You're watching 52 series _constantly_? o.0
    I mean, I do my fair share of downloading too but 52 at once is a bit strong.
    @Kuvio: Yeah, Samurai Champloo rules. Naturally, I then watched Cowboy Bebop but I can't say it impressed me all that much, despite the hype. Among the better series out there are, imo: Elfen Lied, Yakitate, Najica Blitz Tactics, Battle Programmer Shirase and Evangelion (no flames please). All for different reasons, of course.
    Anyone knows of any ultra-violent series, kinda like Elfen Lied?
  • I was obviously exaggarating...
    But I do have lots of series at once. Just a moment ago I had Prince of Tennis, Eureka Seven, School Days, Sonic X (yeah, I know....) simultaneously and also watching Naruto, Bleach and One Piece every week they come out. Oh, and I also read the Naruto manga every week (trying to get to the current place in Bleach manga too, right now) and still working on lots of other projects such as making a few websites (actually it's maintaining and, creating the new swedish game site and creating a community for a client for about $400 and translating 1000 rows of english into swedish for almost $100 (way too much, I know - but it's benefitial for me, right? :P) and a site for a music group calling themselves MusicProductions and a few more site projects) and reading a stupid book for school (actually, it's two books) and continuing drawing on my manga series. It's pretty much, but I didn't even mention all. ^^'
  • You should get a girlfriend -.-
  • Who says I don't have one? You know, just because I stuff with my life it doesn't mean i don't have one. That's not even logical.
  • Posted By: antinomic
    [p]You should get a girlfriend -.-[/p]

    It's called: being a student.

  • Hey, it's not a problem if that is what you want to do. I mean, you are only 14 and doing all that, it is pretty impressive. I guess I am just a lot more laidback. Yeah, I watch anime every now and then, but I am more of a beach bum. I go sailing a lot! ^.^
  • Ahh, sailing~ *dreaming away*
  • @Rukishou: Yes mate yes, we all know you have a gf. It was just a typo on my part. What I really meant was: you shouldn't drink so much coffee *-.-
  • Yeah, right~ O.o
  • I used to watch a whole lot of anime, but I sort of stoppen when I moved to Japan. I still watch from time to time, but I generally do not follow series anymore.

    Personal favorite... I'd have to go with 蜂蜜とクロバ (hachimitsu to kuroba)
  • Wow there's an anime/manga section, awesome. I'm a huge anime fan by the way, if u hadnt guessed. I like all genre's, and am currently into Bleach, Naruto(Manga only), Prince of Tennis, Vampire Knight, Shamo, Berserk etc... many more, but generally I read more manga than watch anime.
  • hmm favorite series would have to be fate/stay night, utawarerumono, mai hime, and read or die...I like a lot more, but those are my must see recomendations

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