Pre-reform reading materials?
  • While I am interested in writing as it was before the writing reform (正月=しやうぐわつ), most places online, if they have anything, have classical Japanese or the annotated Chinese (not sure whether or not wasei) that they make high school kids read. Cool as they are, I'm more interested in things readable without learning a completely other language, and preferably kana/furigana-heavy, so I can see the different spellings =). I've found two different blog posts on Taisho period all-katakana kids' books, but they didn't really post photos of the insides, and I found an Edo-period book that was way, way too cursive and tinily-scanned for me to attempt.

    If there's nothing like that, is there some kind of list of kami/shimo nidan verbs that got "shifted" up? (Like if I turned "kieru" into "ki(f)u" instead of "kiyu" or something)

    Random barely-related question, but is ダイヤル式電話 or 黒電話 better? I want to submit "rotary phone" to wwwjdict but I'm not sure which should be the "headword" (or should I submit both and make them cross-reference each other?).
  • I don't know about any books - but many Japanese dictionaries such as the 大辞泉 list the old kana spelling and the old form of verbs (eg 掛ける > かく).掛ける&stype=0&dtype=0

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