Help identifying Kanji please
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    Could someone please tell me what the Kanji in red stands for?
    I've tried finding it using the radical search, but nothing came up when I selected "十" and "文" (cause it looks exactly like those two slapped together) or similar characters.

    Also would be really nice if you gave me a typed version of it so I can look up further information if needed.

    I'd appreciate any help :)

    (I've somehow got the feeling it's something really obvious I should know on sight, but I really don't have a clue at the moment...)
  • 「僕の全てを君に打ち明ける事が出来たのかな」
    Oh, and a tip for the future. Context often helps to identify illegible letters or characters. In this case, even if 来 were replaced by a ? it would be easy to figure out as 事が出来る is a common phrase. You could also search on jisho for ことがで and you'd find it immediately. ツ
  • Thank you so much! :D

    (and eek, I had that Kanji open at some point during my search, but thought it couldn't be it because the bold font makes it look like all lines connect to the straight line at the top)
  • Some kanji look quite different in different fonts.
  • @blutorange
    To be quite honest, I never even noticed the sentence search until you pointed it out. Thank you and I better make an appointment with the ophthalmologist soon ;)

    I noticed ._.
    Some fonts squish everything together so much that I can't even make out the radicals :s
  • Actually, I was only thinking about a word search for ことがだ, but searching for sentences is a good idea as well. Or better yet, just google for 事が出.
    And well, if you think a bold font like this is hard to read, just wait until you come across the grass style... not like I could read that, though.
  • I actually did try Google before, but 来 refused to show up when I entered parts of the sentence.

    When I do a word search for ことがで nothing comes up but the meaning "can do". Am I doing something wrong?

    Since I'm still a Japanese newbie I have some hope for me left, but yeah, most of the calligraphy I've seen looks impossible to read, not gonna start on that for a looo~ng time to come.
  • Just gave it a try and google or binging for ”事が出” can be a tricky. While some results contain the desired 事が出来る, there are also many that don't... "る事が出” yields slightly better results.

    A word search for ことがで" yields

    ことができる can (do); to be able to (do)
    Common word, Expression, Ichidan verb

    Kanji details
    External links

    Which is the right entry, although it's missing the kanji for some reason. (I've requested it to be added now.)
  • You can do a search for "出?る" directly on Jisho and 出来る appears as part of a short list of words.

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