Please somebody help me translate this sheet from japanese to english
  • I have a scanned document of 1 page written in japanese. Can anyone help me to translate the same into english? I will be thankful.
  • Where is it?Please provide documents so that experts from this forum would be able to help you.. :)
  • How to attach jpeg document here? kindly guide else I would like to forward the document to the person once email id is shared.
  • you can just upload it somewhere (for example and paste the link in a comment
  • Thanks I_LIKE_BREAD7 for your suggestion. Below is the link to the files. Kindly help.
    I am in urgent need of this translation. Please help. You may contact me at
  • Although it slightly resembles katakana, it is definitely not Japanese, nor ist it Ainu. The simplicity of the glyphs indicate that is also not Chinese. Also, it is not Korean either, as Hangul syllables are compounds of 1-4 simple geometric symbols.

    I had a look at various other writing systems (Khmer, Arabic, ...), but it does not resemble them either, it is too blocky.

    Then I made a chart of glyphs that occur in these pages. We make the following observations:
    - Very regular.
    - Only a few simple geometric shapes, ^ ] _| X
    - Other glyphs are obtained by rotated and optionally adding a small ° to the above glyphs
    - There is some normal English handwriting used for notes and signature.
    - approximately 26 different glyphs may be observed
    - there are also some punctuation marks, , .

    So, what does this tell us? First of all, one would not expect this degree of regularity in a natural language. Secondly, by considering the admixture of normal English and the number of different glyphs, we arrive at the hypothesis that this is some kind of cipher for English. Ie secret writing so that other native speakers cannot make heads or tails of it.

    Googling for popular (English) ciphers, I believe it is this:
    Pigpen Cipher

    So, applying the above cipher, page 6 would start with
    i haue svarved missin asxftc vodax i was in mc d i remembered
    Which obviously hardly makes sense, but it does look a bit like English. So either I'm wrong, the author messed it up, and/or he arranged the letters slightly differently, in which case a frequency chart and some good guessing would help.

    Also, it is possible it is a cipher for romaji Japanese.

    Have you got any more information that could provide evidence for or against this hypothesis?

    By exchanging V-->T T-->U U-->V Z-->X X-->Y Y-->Z , the beginning of page 6 becomes
    I have started missin(g???) you.
    Today I was in MC'D(Mc Donald's??).
    I remembered the days we used to QAUE(have??) all JUNKFUD(junk food??)
    and off course cold drinks.
    Miss the days when you used to HAUE(have) the bun
    the ifinish the remaining of yfur(your) cabbages

    Miss them. Tell me how can I forget yeu(you)?
    The more I try the more I fail.
    Can't take yeu(you) fut(out) fo (of) my mind.
    And it BNNOT (be not??) change nf(no) matter what.
    Lu ya (love you?)

    It is now clear that the author made some mistakes in applying the cipher, occasionally using the wrong glyph, or forgetting one.
  • Dear blutorange thanks a tonne for your mail.
    Your analysis is a brilliant piece of work and I heartily appreciate the time and effort you devoted to my request.
    These pages are from letters by my friend's ex-wife who was cheating on him and now trying to put my friend to trouble. That is why it is very important that we know what has been written in those pages. In fact he expected such meaning out of the comments written in the ciphered language.
    I am sure you are an expert in identifying language. I or my friend will personally connect with you on your email.

  • Thanks for the compliment, but I'm really no expert at linguistics or languages in general. If it had been some rare or old or tribal language, I probably would not have figured it out. The above was to show how one could deal with some unknown text, for anyone interested.
    To summarize my post, you can easily decipher it yourself. It's just plain English, except that each letter of the alphabet looks different.

    Read the short explanation here:

    The text just seems to use a slightly different layout of the letters, so the only thing you need to do is to change the 8 letters in the two crosses as I indicated above:
    V-->T ; T-->U ; U-->V ; Z-->X ; X-->Y ; Y-->Z

    But if you need any more help, feel free to ask : )
  • @blutorange - How did you figure this one out? Are you some kind of genius? If I would be the one who saw this, I would be of no idea at all... I mean.. It's amazing..
  • P.S Okay, I've studied it well and was able to cipher it using the given format.. hehehe... But the thing is, you're sort of a smart one figuring this one out on your own, plus looking for the format itself..
  • >> How did you figure this one out? I would be of no idea at all...

    I'm glad to hear somebody is intrigued by a good puzzle, and like to put the pieces together instead of just looking at the finished picture.

    That's why, instead of just posting the conclusion (the wikipedia link), I began at zero and started to explain my thought process and how I arrived at the conclusion. (see my first post)

    What might have helped is that, out of interest, U once read a bit about encryption and ciphers on the net. Just be critical and keep an open mind, and you can do it too. ツ

    ...what still leaves me wondering is how 1 page of Japanese have turned out to be 4 pages of cryptic English...
  • Well, the OP thought it was in japanese.. hehehe...
  • Well, the emphasis mostly lies on the page count ; )
  • Yea, I guess you were right.. And thus, this became the first English into English thread in this forum I believe.. hehehee....
  • Hey blutorange sorry couldn't reply earlier. The way you figured it out was indeed amazing and would be of really great help to my friend.

    pauro04 i considered the same to be japanese as the person who has written it has specified in the cv that she knows Japanese besides english. So it was a hunch :P
  • I understand you.. hehehe... It may be that the one who written that would want to sort of confuse you? Or I don't know..

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