A quick translate
  • wanted an quick translate of these in romanji please and thank you.
    _____ is in front of ______

    _____ is behind of _______

    ______ is to the right of ______

    ______ is to the left of _______

    ______ is inside of _______

    are you studying at the library next wednesday?

    are you free next monday?

    last night
  • Suggestion: do your own homework. (Can't think of any other reason why someone would want to translate "Are you studying at the library next wednesday?")
  • http://www.nihongoresources.com/language/lessons/lesson-03/lesson.html
    ^ Read the section on "Phrase Grammar II - Location, location, location"

    Also, please do yourself a favour and learn the kana ASAP. Post your own attempt and/or tell us what it is you don't understand and perhaps we can help you.
  • Why don't you study your lessons first and ask some help here of anything that you don't seem to understand. じゃ、あなたは日本語を勉強してください!
  • thanks bluetorange those examples are helpful

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