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  • I'm almost surprised at myself I could even begin to make heads and tails of that low-res text... The pattern recognition engine of the brain never ceases to amaze me.


    "I'll give my everything to you..."

    Zero swears [lit. says] that he would support Yuuhime's dream, and even when he becomes a "Level E Vampire" and loses his sanity, he would see it through. Yuuhime might bear sad memories [lit. shoulder sadness], but nonetheless Zero wants to be together with him. Encouraged by Zero, what will become of the two who have shared their thoughts and understand each other...?


    "Hey, Yuuhime. It's time for a patrol walk."

    Yuuhime told Zero about his feeling. Zero feels guilty that it would be a burden to Yuuhime and doesn't know what how to answer. Noticing it, Yuuhime relaxes the situation and tells him that keeping their current relationship is more than enough for him. The two of them patrol on happily thereafter.


    "I'll never forget you."

    Zero understood and shared Yuuhime's feelings. However, he did not want to be the cause of any more sad moments for Yuuhime, and leaves the campus the next day. As Yuuhime receives Zero's letter, he goes off to find him. But in the end, he was unable to find any clues of his whereabouts.
  • Yup, that makes much more sense. Thanks again. The endings for Zero and then there's Kaname, the other and last with an ending.
  • After translating the normal and bad ending, I realized how I had confused their sex. Well, 優 should have been obvious, though...


    "You will always remain the same. Forever my, and only mine, ..."

    Yuuhime reveals his love for Kaname. [=propose] He also loves her, but is still agitated by the reality of how [=hesitant because] he, who wants to see her save, is himself a vampire and presents a much greater danger to her life. Yet as Yuuhime expresses her desire to stay together with him even if that means to be turned into a vampire, he changes his heart and makes up his mind. He too wants to live together with her.


    "Let's always be friends."

    Yuuhime makes up her mind and is ready to undergo the vampire transformation. But Kaname tells her he is happy the way she is now, and refuses to suck her blood. As her tears are flowing, he whispers [lit. tells] that he would like her to protect the vampire's secrets from now on as well.


    "Even though your ears may ache, make sure you listen carefully."

    "Kaname learns of Yuuhime's feelings towards him. He decides to support her dream of a [friendly] co-existence between the human and the vampire race. However, he tells her that one cannot fulfill ones dreams without diligent study. And so, he begins to lecture lazy Yuuhime, who always keeps dozing off...

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