Please help me translate this literally
  • What is the literal meaning of this phrase/sentence? I've watched it in a movie. ぼくはおまいのこと好きなだから。
  • > 僕 は お[=御]-前_の_事 [が, may be omitted] 好き な[=copula] ん[=の] だ から。
    As for the servant, because it is that he is attracted to the honoured one in front.
    僕 servant = humble way of referring to yourself, common in the modern language
    お前, originally a honoured person in front of me, it is now a somewhat rude form of address
  • So what does it says? is it, because I love you?
  • Well, you were asking for a literal translation only ; )
    Depending on the context, yes it means something like "because I love/like(probably more like love) you."
  • Okay2.. Thank you so much.. If I have to remake this phrase into a polite form, would this be good? 私はメイちゃん(<--Name)のこと、好きなんだから。
  • Umm, usually, I don't think you would use polite speech to tell somebody that you love him ("I would like to inform you of my affectionate feelings towards you" ???) (In fact, people in love might prefer "dirty" language.)

    メイちゃんのこと... is perfectly acceptable as well, but not exactly much more "polite".

  • You have a very good point... If ever I would be proposing with someone, it is very much expected that we should already have known each other for quite some time, and with this it is expected that formalities as well is quite not very much needed anymore.. I've never thought of that. Thanks though. xD

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