short translation please
  • アメリカの友達と人生語ってた。「どこでも行けるとしたら、どこに行きたい?」って質問されたから「どこにいても、今を自分なりに生きるしかないよね。場所そんな関係ないべ」とドヤっておいた。「ゆりえらしいな」手の甲にキスされた。敬愛のキスってちょっと特別ね。
  • Me and my American friend, we talked about our (hopes and dreams for) our life . When (s)he asked me "If you could go anywhere at all, where would you (like to) go.", I replied with a hint of pride over my face "Wherever you are, what more is there than to live the moment and be yourself. It doesn't matter where you are'". " That sounds like you, Yurie." (S)he kissed me on my palm. [Yurie=female name, which makes "He" more likely] An affectionate kiss, it feels kind of special.

    Btw, どやる comes from the verbed colloquial どや=とうや=どうだ?すごいだろう?. And "verbed" is from the verbed "verb", to verbify.

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