I need someone to read it :)
  • I have an favore to ask. I need someone to read one tattoo, how you write it with english signes and eventually what it means. Thanks for help in advance :)
  • 牢尼?
    Seeing how the second character is rotated by 90° for no reason, it seems like you should post it here http://hanzismatter.blogspot.de/
  • sorry I didn't see this earlier, the entire photo is rotated, here is how it looks:
  • Huh, interesting. Actually, I thought only the second character looked rotated, but now what once looked like 牢 looks like 舟("boat") when rotated : ) Second character is 尼 ("nun").
    Third character looks 朱("vermillion", "red") or 尔(Chinese for "you").

    Googling for "舟尼尔" gives some results on Chinese sites, but it doesn't really make sense in Japanese.
  • It is 丹尼尔 (dan ni er), the way of transcribing Daniel into Chinese.
  • thanks a lot
  • i have one more favour to ask could you propose how to redraw it to change its meaning, i would tell its one of the youth mistakes of my GF

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