Starting a group to practice Japanese with? Anyone?
  • Hello,

    I was thinking of creating a little group, consisting of 3-6 people, to practice Japanese with. I have a 24/7 chat-room up and running, allowing anyone to join. Age doesn't matter, nor the amount of experience that one might have. (I am in my mid 20's myself) Just people that want to dedicate themselves towards learning Japanese, and have fun talking.

    My level of Japanese can be viewed as 'average'. I'm not super experienced, but I've definitely passed the basics. My intention is to hone my skills in conversing with people in romaji or using actual kana, but it depends on the people that I'm with. I've mastered reading & writing kana, and it seems that my grammar needs polishing, while building up my kanji knowledge takes top priority. My focus therefore goes towards reading kanji, so that the time will come that using the web in Japanese will go smoothly.

    It's also about having fun, while earning that experience. ^_^

    If you are interested, PM me or respond to this discussion thread, so I can PM you the link to the chat room. My timezone is GTM +1:00.


  • このサイトはもういいですか?
  • Yes, but instant-messaging(or a chat-room) is more effective than posting comments on a site like this when practicing with other people. IMO.
  • はい、分かった。:)えと、面白いだけど、えと、私の日本語がまだですよ・だから、私がいいもらえますか。でも、そのメッセンジャーがすごいな。:)
  • Would you be interested in practicing conversation? I have a test I need to prep for this coming week. Thanks for your post!
  • Could I please have an invite? :) I'd love to practice my Japanese with other people! I'm a beginner.
  • 私も、お願いします!
  • Hey, may I still join?
    I don't think my Japanese skills are very high, but I can surely hold a simple conversation at least. :)
  • わたしも、わたしも、わたしも、ね、ね、ね?

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