Little translation
  • Hello everyone, I need a little translation to japanese kanji (and the way to pronounce it) of :

    Never forget

    In context, that'd me telling to myself : "You must never forget what happened, never forget the happy times you had nor the sad ones, never forget the mistakes you made and never forget the way you want to live".

    Thanks in advance ^^
  • Obligatory note: You don't translate to kanji, you translate to Japanese. Some parts are written in kanji and some not (depending on words).

    I guess something like 決して忘れない would do. (Please don't have it tattooed on yourself, though, I am not a native speaker)
  • 決して忘れない fits perfectly
  • @Jenlit : I didn't know that, thanks for the explanation ^^ and I apologize for asking something that doesn't make sense, I should have searched a bit more :/

    I don't plan to tattoo it on myself for now (but I won't say I'll never do it ^^), it's to ask someone for a drawing ^^ And I'll speak with several people to see if it fits what I think beforehand don't worry ^^

    Thanks to both of you for your great help !
  • I guess a vertical writing of that on one side of your back will fit the tattoo best. Just a suggestion though. 空運!:)
  • 空運=air transport
    幸運=what you intended to say?
  • @pauro04 : If I put it on my body, it will be somewhere I can always see it, so I guess I'd choose my arm ^^

    Just to be sure, if I want to write it vertically, would that be right ?

  • Yeah, that would be right.

    Beware though!
    決して忘れない means
    "I will never forget", not "(you must) never forget"

  • @IDen : How would you say it ?
  • @blutorange: sorry for that, that's when I was still relying so much on my kanji generator.. @yoh: I suggest left arm.. hehe..

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