Please I help
  • May I know an approximate time span for a self studying beginner to reach N3 level? お願いします!
  • I guess at least 1 year is needed.
  • For N3, one year should be more than enough to get you all the Kanji / vocabs / grammar you need.
  • ありがとうございます!I'm actually reviewing my basic japanese book now, and been being talkative on japanese forums and social medias related to japanese. Maybe I should give myself a month for this both, then will consider searching for N4 level books.. Please give me suggestions as well for study habits.. Sorry if I ask so much questions, I just want to get the best way of studying and work on it for me to attain good level of japanese in as less time as possible.
  • Do you know みんなの日本語?If you finished 50 lectures of that two books then N3 is not a problem for you. I've learned that for 5 months (4 hours a day, 5 days a week).
  • I haven't heard of that book, but considering that an experienced like you had studied that and learned a lot. Maybe I should buy that one, how much does it cost? Where can I buy it online? Thanks!
  • みんなの日本語 初級I 本冊
  • はい、わかりましたバヨネダさん。ありがとう御座います!:)

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