Electronic Dictionaries
  • Hello i would like to get some input on Electronic dictionaries, i know apps exist however i have done enough research to know that it is not comparable to the offerings a stand alone ED has.

    Iv'e narrowed my choices down to Canon Wordtank Z900 and the Casio XD-N10000, i picked both of these because they appear to be the top of the line and i am interested in the library they contain (the most i can get) Chinese isn't very useful to me nor is many of the professional terms for science etc, however models below these 2 begin removing books that are not associated with "Professional" terms but things such as the phrase book pointing or many of the Britannica entries, items and words.

    It's secondary use will be for my Bachelor of Arts in English assuming the English dictionary in these models will be immense enough to expand a Higher education of a native speaker. I wanted to keep it under $500 and i have found a Z900 for less than a N10000, however the quality offerings of each one is unknown to me, which is why i am here.
    Thanks for your time!

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