help translating a blog
  • I want to follow someone's blog but it is in Japanese. Is there a good translation website or even a program that I could use to translate blocks of text? I have tried some of the freebies like google translate but I don't undertand the translation so I am guessing it lacks something. Any suggestions?
  • Google translate and probably all other free translation "services" make use of computer translation (mostly via stochastic models these days), so it should not come to a surprise that it hardly even make sense on its own. Depending upon the source material, you can use them to a very rudimentary idea of what the text is about.

    Professional translation by humans are much better, but you will have to pay for them. A quick search comes up with about 10-20 cents per Japanese character.

    So what remains is that you can try and kindly ask on forums such as this or or tae kim grammar guide forum and hope that somebody's got the to translate it for you. The probability of that happening decreases exponentially with the length of your request, so it is a good idea to keep it short or ask for summaries.
  • Thanks for the ideas, I guess I would do your suggestion as well @bluetorange, ありがとう御座います!!!
  • If you are fairly comfortable with the Kanji/vocab content of the blog, you can try reading it using the Rikai plugin on Google Chrome. You just need to hover over a word/Kanji you don't understand and the meaning will appear in a pop up screen. This works for me because I don't have to switch windows or anything.

    Google Translate is also good for very quick translations but as we all know, it's not very accurate.
  • The best so far that I have been using is, it's good... If you barely don't understand japanese, and I guess you will figure out something just by reading the meanings of the words that will pop up.. It works good for me though, じゃ、頑張ってください!:)

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