aule (as in 'outer courtyard' in Homeric and Koine Greek)
  • I am a software developer who has spent many years in corporate Smalltalk in the USA, but I live in maritime Canada and work in the web content language from MIT, Curl (not cURL.) Curl is now maintained by Tokyo's SCSK corp (see or their Japanese site at )
    At the moment I am working on flashcard software in Curl (the same to run in web or on desktop) and Curl Caede for mobile platforms. Most often I work on interfaces to kanjidic2 or edict2 and such electronic dictionary resources.
    My own interest is in reading Japanese poetry.
    I am a married father of three grown children. I am fluent in French and German and can work in written Spanish, Italian, Russian and Dutch. I am in the early stages of a Parkinsonian condition ( familial in my case) at age 60.
    My hobbies are astronomy and flight simulations. My avocation is that of a poet and writer.
    My websites include and and I am aule AT
    The 'aule' is mentioned as the outer courtyard in Plato's drinking party : The Symposium.
    An aule for nihongo is a safe departure area, such as a home page (local or web.)

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