Would does this say in kanji?
  • http://hi.baidu.com/152869

    The picture in color on top.
  • That scan is really low-res... and it doesn't contain anything new...

    The besieged school grounds. What will happen to Kaname and Yuuki and Zero?
    (Not sure what they mean by kaname no inochi ha zero, and I can hardly recognize anything at that font size.)

    最終回記念 Last Anniversary/Celebration Days.

    Grand finale of the grandiose vampire tale.

    The bloody love of fate / The destined bloody love

    I can't make out the yellow text in the blue circle to the right, but it says something about ラブレター (love letter(s)) and 発売 (go on sale).
  • Thanks again. There's one more picture that needs a translation.

  • 枢と刃を交える優姫に忍び寄る更。枢への復讐を命じられ零は?最終章目前!!!

    Sneaking up to Yuuki and his group, who are exchanging sword blows with Kaname. What will Zero do now, having been ordered to exact revenge upon Kaname? The final chapter is right here!!!
  • 表紙&巻頭カラー52P



    総攻撃をかける純血種軍。押されつつ学園を守る零と優姫たち…3人が最後に選んだことは!? そして…!?


    I tried having a friend of mine translate it but it doesn't sound right.

    grand finale! Bloody LOVE of fate or destiny's bloody love Pure-bred force put an all-out attack. While pressed yuhi and zero to protect the school. 3 人 が 選んだ 最後 に こと は! three people picked last! And...

    Did he make a few mistakes?
  • While it is not the best English which might render it hard to understand the translator's intention, I don't think it's that far off. Here's my attempt (, but keep in mind English is not my native language either):

    All-out attack of the vampire army! Yuuhi and Zero, in charge of the school ground's defense, they are taking one hit after another... (literally: they are being pushed [back] [physically or metaphorically]) The last option that remains open to the three of them...?! And so...?
  • That makes much more sense. Thank you. There's a preview for the last chapter coming out next month. Some of it's small and hard to read, so I would zoom in.

  • http://oi33.tinypic.com/2nbdedi.jpg

    - It's not only small, it's low-res(olution), and zooming in doesn't help much, it just gets pixelated.
    - The text to the left just below his hand is the same I translated above.
    - Most of the larger text are just headlines, author's name &c.
    - The "famous scenes" and "love letters" it was talking about earlier (which I translated in this topic) are published
    - At the bottom it's saying something about three artworks (by Hino Matsuri?) included, but I can't make out the exact words.
  • Thank you for translating it. You're right about it being just as hard to read by zooming in, but I appreciate the input. :)
  • What JLPT level is this? oh my God, never thought that Japanese kanji would reach to up to this extent. There were no hiragana nor katakana anymore.. It seems so chinese to me rather than japanese texts. My question is, is it impossible for a beginner to be able to read this much stuffs in a year? お願いします!
  • I don't know about JLPT, but this level of kanji is quite normal and common in media such as manga or video games. In fact, these scans aren't that hard, and actually I've seem worse. I'm currently playing Ar Tonelico, and I've seen many non-jouyou kanjis... such as 欺瞞 雹 捏造 拮抗 妾 猜疑 糊塗 蒙昧 一蓮托生 隧道 稀 纏 凌駕 胡散臭 冒讀 魑魅朦朧 鬱陶しい 乖離 じゃ無い かも知れ無いetc.

    But my advice is that you start with some elementary kanji, and then just learn more as read some actual Japanese. It's much easier to learn and remember words and kanji when you're seeing them in some context, especially while reading something you enjoy.

  • Thank you for the advice, been doing this though.. hehehe.. Been into forums for the past few weeks, and translating phrases from japanese to English.. Sort of having some difficulties but I can make it to some sort, but is spending too much time to translate one. My major problem now is to speak/write in japanese.. I guess I should be planning for a study method in doing so. Anyways, my way of learning to write is making friends with native speakers and try to communicate with them.

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