Iphone + Jisho.org Issue
  • Hopeing someone can help me. I am a long term user of this site as it has saved my butt countless times. However I just recently got a new cellphone (iphone 4s) because my old phone of the same model broke. Now on the same exact phone I cannot view anything I look up on the site via my phone in Kana. I only get romaji even though the box isen't ticked off. It used to let me choose but now I can't. Anyone had this problem?
  • You can always set your keyboard in your iphone. I'm using an iphone 4s and it gives me no problem in posting Japanese stuffs whatever website I will visit. じゃ、頑張ってね!
  • Sorry about this. I just fixed this bug, so the checkboxes for romaji and common words should work fine again.

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